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Losing weight once is not a big problem; the main problem is to keep it that way. People think that they have to append hours and hours in gym to get into shape but that is not enough. One needs get ripped diet and the planned work out sessions to keep the desired level of body weight. The general formula to get ripped quickly is to lose fats and the results come from twenty percent workout sessions and eighty percent from diet.

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Nifty Fat Blaster – First Step

In the first step one need to figure out how much amount of calorie he or she needs and for this he or she needs to know the BMR and then the usual calorie burn in the daily activities which includes going to office, walking around and stuff like that. After that you plan out your get ripped diet that is just according to your need. Now cut down up on your calories say if you are consuming six hundred calories before now you can cut them to four hundred and so. The decrease in calories will build up mass and helps in fat reduction.

Nifty Fat Blaster – Burning Calories

The get ripped diet is all about burning calories and accelerating the metabolic rate, it does not mean that you have to starve yourself. So the efficient way to increase your metabolic rate is by dividing your meals into smaller proportions but more frequent. Like if you are in habit of taking three meals per day break it up to five or six meals but watch out for calories they should stay within range. As starters, it is best that you start with standard exercises until your body get used to the new routine. After that you can extend the exercise period from forty to fifty minutes five times a week.

Nifty Fat Blaster Diet

Similarly there can be three more meals for the Nifty Fat Blaster diet which you can breakup into evening snack, dinner and the night snack. In the evening snack you can go for just protein bar or protein shake. In the night you can go for fish or chicken stake with steamed or baked set of vegetables and sweet potato. Make sure you include sweet potato in your diet at least twice a week. And finally at night eat cottage cheese, protein shake or yogurt one hour before you go to bed. This will help your body to stay in active condition and stop it from going to starvation state.


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